15th & 16th of May
Maribor, Slovenia

Nova KBM Value Proposition


Company presentation

Nova KBM is a universal bank with more than 150 years of banking tradition in Slovenia, with headquarters in Maribor. The bank’s owners are the esteemed international investment firm Apollo Global Management and the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development. The new owners also brought with them a new ambitious vision – to become the leading bank in Slovenia. Nova KBM has been actively supporting the regional and national startup ecosystem for a number of years, and is becoming an increasingly strong and important partner to startups, collaborating with them to develop advanced banking tech solutions for state-of-the-art ways of doing business and communicating with users.


PODIM Challenge Industry Match

What are they looking for?

Even though Nova KBM is working in a very regulated and traditional industry, it is aware of the influence of disruptive fintech startups, whose focus on final users leads them to introduce faster, simpler and more effective solutions for using and managing financial resources. As the traditional main sponsor of the PODIM Conference, Nova KBM is looking for strategic connections with fintech startups, wishing to collaborate with them to address the following business challenges:
  • personal financial management, which includes predictive analytics for better understanding money spending and potential savings, predicting the cashflow and advising on its optimization, and offering bank products that take the users’ characteristics into account;
  • development of virtual AI-supported banking advisors that can advise in financial management, help do business and, if any ambiguities or problems in closing the deal cannot be eliminated virtually, connect the user with a bank employee;
  • blockchain technology, namely development of blockchain solutions to be used in the financial industry;
  • remote operations with non-clients, including: verification methods and solutions that are in line with Slovenian legislation, solutions for remote identification, analysis and possibility of using qualified certificates to sign documents, do business exclusively electronically, and the legal aspects of operations;
  • development of chatbots for use in the financial industry;
  • payment services of the future: solutions linked to mobile payments and transfers of funds, enabling faster, cheaper and handier monetary transactions.

What are they offering?

Nova KBM wishes to learn something new from the innovative fintech startup teams that they’ll collaborate with. In exchange, they can offer collaboration in several ways – in the form of traditional business or contract collaboration, with project collaboration and co-creation of innovation in the banking industry through participation in Nova KBM’s projects, or by including the startup’s product in Nova KBM’s offer or sales network. Those innovative individuals who are interested in such collaboration also have the opportunity to get employed at Nova KBM.


More information on how to collaborate with Nova KBM

Nova KBM wishes to collaborate with startups to develop solutions for faster, cheaper and handier monetary transactions!

Get in touch with Nova KBM

If you wish to introduce your innovative idea to Nova KBM and help the bank develop a new generation of banking services, we invite you to write to Aleš Živkovič, IT sector (azivkovic@nkbm.si), Silvia-Gabriela Birla, Department of product management for neutral business (sbirla@nkbm.si) and/or Nina Malec Poklič (nmalec-poklic@nkbm.si).